Globalization isn’t for Everybody

The post-Cold-War policy consensus (globalization) has failed to deliver on most of its promises. It opened the path for vast deindustrialization and overbearing “financialization” in all First World countries. The well-tested world order — where countries competed as self-sustained entities — is destroyed. Now, most nations, including the USA, are links in the global supply chain considerably manipulated by transnational corporations.

Just because the source of all value in the world is people and what they do plus natural resources (which belong to the people), the only source of money (and, consequently, power) is the people, not presidents or governments. Despite being written down in most modern constitutions, this principle is never actually implemented.

National Bitcoin offers a third way (after fiat money and ordinary Bitcoin) to introduce money to people. But the technology of money is only a part of the economic system. In a broader sense, National Bitcoin paves the path towards the type of economy that is a hybrid of the Western-style economy-of-trade and the Eastern-style economy-of-distribution.